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Alexander is one of the greatest figures in the history of Greece and of the world. He enjoys a place in the affections of all who live or have lived in any of the lands he conquered, admired not just for his exploits on the battlefield, but also for the light of civilisation, which he brought in the wake of his military conquests.

The excursion begins from Thessaloniki towards Pella, the second ancient capital of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great. Pella was founded by King Archelaos who had built the magnificent palace, being situated at the riverside of Ludias that was once navigable, was developed into an important port. Euripides was at Pella to see his plays produced and performed there and Aristotle was appointed to educate young Alexander. We start our visits here first with the Archaeological Museum. Very important museum due to its rich collection of clay figurines, the classical black and red figured vases, the pebble floor mosaics and the fine reconstruction of the interior architectural part of Greek house with its stucco decoration.

Continue further to the Archaeological Site visiting the excavations with the huge Greek houses bearing the central courtyards and being surrounded by big rooms, walk along the streets facing the shops of the big market and admire the still existing floor mosaics.


Depart from Thessaloniki

10.00 – 11.45

Arrive at Pella, visit Museum and Archaeological Site

11.45 – 12.00

Free time for restrooms

12:00 – 13:00

Return to Thessaloniki

Activity Level . 

Stops with restroom facilities € are:
1) Museum